Plant modernization

On the topic of system modernization, we give answers to the following questions.

In the automation, products such as PLC, PC, IT components, weighing systems - to name but a few - only have a limited life cycle. This service life is determined by new operating systems, software versions, components, chip elements, new generations of PLC controls, new bus systems and networks. The manufacturers of software and hardware components announce at an early stage that the components are not available by a specific date.

By then, at the latest, you and us should consider a modernization of your automation system.

A modernization should be pre-planned since part of the production parts usually have to be shut down for a short time. We support you with making the right steps in the right order.

  • Determination of the software and hardware components to be exchanged or upgraded
  • How and at what expense shall these components be exchanged or upgraded
  • Preparing a step-by-step plan and calculation of the machine downtimes
  • What services are rendered by whom
  • Determining process optimization
  • Preparing a quotation
  • Project management over the entire phase of the project
  • Supervision of installation
  • Commissioning

Your benefit?

  • Increasing your system's availability 
  • High investment safety
  • Future extensions are easily possible
  • Service and support again possible to an unlimited extent
  • Productivity increase by optimized processes

We at HAVER Automation implement the entire modernisation phase for you, from replacing components up to commissioning and process optimization.

We from HAVER Automation implement the entire modernization phase from the exchange of the components to the commissioning and process optimization.