QUAT²RO Process

QUAT²RO(R) Process is the innovative Process Visualization by HAVER Automation for comfortable operation, monitoring and supervision of production processes. It is based on proven standards such as WinCC, PCS7 and CEMAT by Siemens. 
The Process Visualization can be tailored to various needs and requirements.

Basic operations of the Process Visualization:

  • Operating, Monitoring and supervision
  • Acquisition and storage of error and operating messages
  • Maintenance messages to the individual system components depending on operating hours and loads
  • Data exchange to other applications, such as QUAT²RO Logistics or QUAT²RO Batch

Quattro-PCS is the Process Control System by HAVER Automation for comfortable operation and monitoring of production plants.
  • graphical visualization of the current plant status
  • prompt and central logging of fault and operating messages
  • continuous monitoring of all connected machines and plant equipments
  • archiving of measurement data
  • more transparency in production processes

The Process Visualization QUAT²RO Process is available in different designs for the cement, building material, chemical, mining and food industry.

  • silo plants
  • packaging and loading plants
  • mixing plants