QUAT²RO Performance

"preventive maintenance" is the key term for the production of the future. Rigid, predefined maintenance schedule are replaced by reasonable maintenance recommendations based on the current Status of the machines and plant components.

QUAT²RO Performance, the innovative Condition Monitoring System exactly applies at this Point and gives ist users access to a wide range of advantages, regardless of their industry.

By reducing downtimes and optimizing processes, the consumption of resources (e.g. spare parts, energy) can be minimized.

Basic features:

  • Acquisition and archiving of process data
  • Acquisition and archiving of production data
  • Acquistion and analysis of faults and downtimes
  • The System is of modular and can be adapted to your requirements
  • Optimization of processes by means of more transparency in the production processes
  • Minimization of downtimes
  • Increase in productivity 
  • Reveal saving potentials
  • Support of the continuous improvement process
  • Reduction of resource consumption (spare parts, energy)

The management system QUAT²RO Performance is available in different versions for areas of the cement, building minerals, chemical, mining and food industry:

  • Silos
  • Packing and loading plant
  • mixing plants